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Bishop Fellay
interviewed in Gabon


Bishop Fellay granted an interview to Professor Hugues Mouckaga on June 1, as he was celebrating the 25th anniversary of the SSPX's Mission in Libreville, Gabon (Africa). We reproduce here the translation of the last part of the interview.

Your Excellency, allow me to finish with two questions. First, what can you say about the relations between the SSPX and Rome? Where are your contacts leading? Also, as an aside, can we hope for a normalization of the relationship in a not too distant future?

The contacts are still ongoing. We have probably reached the end of a period of discussions. It is not yet totally clear. What is going to happen? What is going to be the result of this phase? Regarding your aside: What is Rome planning for us now? We cannot deceive ourselves: we are truly in a crisis of the Church. It is certainly not over. What is our destiny in this crisis? I believe that somehow the Good Lord has tied us to this crisis.

Bishop Fellay with SSPX's clergy
in Gabon

We work for the restoration of the Church, but it may still last a decade or two. We need much courage and perseverance. Our situation might be solved tomorrow and it might be solved after tomorrow. Everything is in the hands of the Good Lord. Let us simply remain faithful.

The second question regards your thoughts about the beatification of Pope John Paul II.

I have very mixed feelings. There is an impression of a major hurry, despite all the rules that the Church provides before proceeding to such an act. There is a sense of imprudence. For example, when the Church wants to beatify or to canonize, she used to examine what was said or written by the candidate very closely. In this case, however, most of what has been written is still in the secret Vatican archives which have not been opened yet. Therefore we remain ill at ease. We fear a will to seal a cause that John Paul II began and wanted to follow during his pontificate, a cause for which he wanted to be the apostle.

Bishop Bernard Fellay
with Gabonese faithful

Your Excellency, a last word for the faithful.

Above all [keep] the Faith. "Be firm in the faith". It is what St. Paul was already saying to his faithful. He also said: "Be faithful. Keep your traditions". Nothing is new. The best vouch for the future, is the past. The past teaches us everything, helps us in the new situations.


Today, in these difficult times, I invite everyone to put oneself under the protection and the mantle of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in her Immaculate Heart. In Fatima, she wished [wanted] to introduce this devotion for the sake of the souls. Let us listen to Her.

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