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These videos divide in 7 parts the conference of Bishop Fellay given on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the Society of St. Pius X, during the Angelus Press Conference held October 15-17, 2010, in Kansas City, Missouri. All the conferences may be purchased on CD from ANGELUS PRESS.

It is a commentary upon three sentences of Archbishop Lefebvre’s last book: Spiritual Journey.

Parts 1 & 2

The evil of the Council is the ignorance of Jesus-Christ and of His Kingdom.” (Spiritual Journey; Prologue, p. X, Angelus Press, 1991)


Part 3

It is because the reign of Our Lord Jesus is no longer the center of attention and of activity for those who are our prćpositi [leaders], that they lose the sense of God and of the Catholic Priesthood, and that we can no longer follow them.”  (Ibid; Preface p. IV)


Parts 4 & 5

“If the Holy Ghost allows me to put in writing the spiritual thoughts which follow, before entering if it please God into the bosom of the Holy Trinity, I will be allowed to realize the dream of which He gave me a glimpse one day in the Cathedral of Dakar. The dream was to transmit, before the progressive degradation of the priestly ideal, in all of its doctrinal purity and in all of its missionary charity, the Catholic Priesthood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, just as He conferred it on His Apostles, just as the Roman Church always transmitted it until the middle of the twentieth century.” (Ibid; Preface p. I)

At the end of his conference, His Excellency explains what the position of the Society of St. Pius X is (Part 6) and comments on the current situation of the SSPX and of its relations with Rome and the Holy Father (Part 7).



Part 1/7         23:00

  • Introduction: two sentences of the spiritual testament of Archbishop Lefebvre.
  • Plan: Principles of Church crisis. Solution: a deep spirit, chance for the future, today’s situation.
  • Principles of the crisis: ignorance of God, of sin and of Hell.


Part 2/7         18:22

  • The loss of the sense of the sin comes from a loss of Faith about God.
  • The declarations of the episcopal conferences about AIDs, and use of the condom.
  • The Council ignores Our Lord Jesus Christ. Loss of Faith in the divinity of Jesus Christ.
  • The removal of the crucifixes during Assisi II meetings.
  • Suppression of the words “false religions” in official texts since Vatican II.
  • Comparison of the religions with airplanes. Who would stay in a defective plane?


Part 3/7         18:03

  • How many priests believe in the real presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Eucharist?
  • Modernist faith in Christ’s divinity. Did man create God, or did God create man?
  • Modern philosophy pretends to create the reality, God included.
  • Modernism is the root cause of the crisis.
  • Second sentence to be commented on.
  • Psychological analysis: how wrong acting changes the mind.
  • What are the bishops’ preoccupations today?
  • Liturgy expresses the Faith. The New Mass does not express the Faith.


Part 4/7         20:32

  • Comments on His Excellency’s audience with the Pope in 2005.
  • Solution? The “realized dream” of Archbishop Lefebvre. Commentary of the third extract.
  • Transmitting not only the priesthood and the doctrine, but more so: transmitting the spirit.
  • The truth about the priesthood, about the Christian spirit is the Cross.
  • Analogy of a castle. What happened in the 50’s, in the 60’s?
  • The spirit to be transmitted.


Part 5/7         21:00

  • The great prayer: soul of the apostolate, call to holiness.
  • Jesus lives in me,” it is when I am weak that I am strong!
  • Union with God. Remedy for the renovation of the Church.
  • Only in the dependency upon God does one find the real stability.
  • "Rehabilitate Archbishop Lefebvre" said the nuncio of Austria.
  • Benedict XVI called him: “This great man of the Church.”


Part 6/7         20:00

  • Attacks from two sides.
  • Same starting in the reasoning: “what the Pope says, is true.”
  • Sedevacantists/Ecclesia Dei adherents.
  • Distinction in the infallibility.
  • Vatican I said: “The Holy Ghost has not been promised for something new…”
  • Obedience. The authority is not an absolute, but it is relative to the purpose.
  • The highest law is the salvation of the souls.
  • Examples of misuses of the authority.


Part 7/7         32:29

  • The crisis in the Church described by the Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI.
  • Testimony of Cardinal Hoyos about the Society of St. Pius X in 2000.
  • Two contradictory faces: official statements/practices.
  • Roman policy for the reception of the priests leaving the Society.
  • Censures reserved to the Holy See.
  • Testimony of a priest of the Fraternity of St. Peter.
  • May 2003: meeting of conservative cardinals to elaborate a project.
  • Spring 2006: French bishops meeting in Lourdes: rejection of the project.
  • Motu Proprio. Opposition from the bishops.
  • Decree of the lifting of the excommunications. “The Pope is going to have trouble!
  • Doctrinal discussions. The fruits are not immediate neither direct.
  • Oppositions to the Pope.
  • Only one line to follow: to continue for the Church with this burning spirit.
  • Result of the Rosary Crusade: no answer.
  • Special beatitude for those who will have to suffer because of His Name.
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