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Superior General's news
& from the SSPX's General House

Bishop Bernard Fellay, SSPX Superior General

Bishop Bernard Fellay was elected as the SSPX's Superior General during the Second General Chapter of July 1994 and re-elected during the Third General Chapter held in 2006.

His Excellency resides at the Society's General House located in Menzingen, Switzerland.

Letter - #80
It has been quite a long time now that this letter has kept you waiting, and it is with joy, in this Easter season, that we would like to take our bearings and to present a few reflections on the situation of the Church... 4-15-2013

SSPX: may Pope Francis "confirm his brethren in the Faith"
With the news of the election of Pope Francis, the Society prays to Almighty God that He abundantly bestow on the new Sovereign Pontiff the graces necessary for the exercise of this heavy charge... 3-13-2013

Novena prayers for the election of the Sovereign Pontiff
In preparation for the upcoming election of a new Sovereign Pontiff, Bishop Bernard Fellay, SSPX Superior General, requests that all priests and faithful beseech heavenly graces by a novena of prayers to take place from March 1-9. The prayers will consist of... 2-27-2013 DICI

Pope Benedict's last major act?
Interview of Bishop Fellay

For a moment I thought that, with his resignation, Benedict XVI would perhaps make a final gesture in our favor as pope. That being said, I have a hard time seeing how he could do so. We will probably have to wait for the next pope... 2-15-2013

Pope Benedict XVI's resignation: SSPX press release
The Society of St. Pius X has learned of the sudden announcement about the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, which will be effective on the evening of February 28, 2013... 2-11-2013

A priest must be a man of faith:
Bishop Fellay's sermon of 1-27-2013

This is one of the great misfortunes of our time, this ignorance of what a priest is, even before knowing what he does. The only way to know a priest in his reality is faith... We are living in an age in which this faith is abused, attacked, slashed, everywhere, outside the Church and inside as well... 2-4-2013 DICI

Bishop Fellay: SSPX will be consecrated to St. Joseph
Bishop Bernard Fellay officially announced that he would consecrate the Society of St. Pius X to St. Joseph, protector of the Church, on March 19, 2013, in Econe...

What Bishop Fellay really said to Cardinal Canizares about the New Mass
As very often in such circumstances, a phrase has been interpreted badly: I was describing to Cardinal Canizares (and this was some five or six years ago) that the abuses in the liturgy have caused a major reaction amongst us...

Controversy around Bishop Fellay's conference
Bishop Fellay stated that among the opponents of the SSPX’s regularization were forces outside the Church, known for their opposition to Catholic doctrine... it is not out of place to point out that 2 influential Jews spoke out publicly on Rome’s relations with the SSPX...
1-18-2013 DICI

50-year assessment of Vatican II
The response given by the Society! I think that everything is summed up in one word, and that is Archbishop Lefebvre. All that we have, all that we do, we have received from Archbishop Lefebvre...
1-18-2013 DICI


Where is the continuity of the Council? Bishop Fellay's Paris sermon
We have reached an impasse, but we will continue our fight. My dear brethren, this is the situation. And this is why it is obvious that since June matters are at a standstill. It is a return to ground zero. We are at exactly the same point as Archbishop Lefebvre in the years 1975, 1974... 11-13-2012

Where do we stand in Rome?
Bishop Fellay's Econe sermon

Where do we stand with Rome? Allow me to explain two points. First, a look at what has happened. Then, a look at the present and perhaps at the future... The path leading out of this crisis is quite simple... the only way to get out of the crisis is to return to what the Church has always done. 11-9-2012 DICI

SSPX General House Communiqué concerning Bishop Williamson
Bishop Richard Williamson, having distanced himself from the management and the government of the SSPX for several years, and refusing to show due respect and obedience to his lawful superiors, was declared excluded from the SSPX
... 10-24-2012 DICI

SSPX 2012 General Chapter statement
The Chapter believes that the paramount duty of the Society, in the service which it intends to offer to the Church, is to continue, with God’s help, to profess the Catholic Faith in all its purity and integrity, with a determination matching the intensity of the constant attacks to which this very Faith is subjected nowadays...

About those rumors... about the SSPX's General Chapter
All the alleged revelations concerning the contents of the declaration of the General Chapter of the Society of St. Pius X that can be read here or there on the Internet are the sole responsibility of their publicity-hungry authors...

How it works: the SSPX's General Chapter
The General Chapter is the supreme and extraordinary authority of the Society of St. Pius X..
. 7-9-2012

Doctrinal mutism is not answer to “silent apostasy”
Bishop Fellay interview about SSPX General Chapter: "All ambiguity has now been resolved among us. Very soon we will convey to Rome the position of the Chapter, which has been the occasion to specify our road map insisting upon the conservation of our identity, the only efficacious means to help the Church to restore Christendom..."

Press communiqué about the General Chapter
Gathered near Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre’s tomb, the capitularies have given thanks to God for the profound unity that prevailed among them during all these workdays...

General Chapter update
The object of this meeting is to examine issues that arise between the elective chapters that take place every 12 years - the next will be held in July 2018...

Bishop Fellay's sermon extract about SSPX & Rome
On Friday, June 29, the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, Bishop Bernard Fellay (SSPX Superior General) ordained 11 new priests.
.. During the ordination sermon, Bishop Fellay gave some stirring words about the priesthood as well as some insight into the current situation of the SSPX with Rome... 6-29-2012

Bishop Fellay's DICI interview on relations with Rome
Everything is in God’s hands. I place my trust in the Good Lord and in His Divine Providence; He knows how to manage everything, even delays, for the good of those who love Him
... 6-7-2012 DICI

Bishop Fellay's sermon for 2012 St. Joan of Arc Pilgrimage [DICI]
"It seems clear that, if we are wanted, it is to reintroduce Tradition in the Church, if we can speak like this. Therefore not for us only, but also for all the Church, so that the whole Church may gain from it, from this magnificent thing, the Christian life..."
5-27-2012 DICI 

Bishop Fellay’s two sermons in Austria
And I can tell you: the devil is at large! And, well, really everywhere. So, for us, one thing is clear: pray! We have to pray as never before. We have for our whole history been consecrated to the Mother of God, she will surely not abandon us, especially if we pray this much, and if we only want the will of God...

Vienna: This structure that is being offered to the Society is in fact entirely appropriate. That is, if it actually takes place, you will feel absolutely no difference between now and afterwards. We will remain as we are... 5-21-2012

Extracts from Bishop Fellay's sermon given at Winona seminary on February 2
"We are not an independent group. Even if we are fighting with Rome, we are still, so to say, with Rome. We are fighting with Rome; or, if you want, against Rome, at the same time with Rome. And we claim and we continue to say, we are Catholic. We want to stay Catholic..." 2-3-2012 STAS

Econe sermon of Bishop Fellay on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception 2011
“We want only one thing: to attack the real problem in the present crisis..."
12-15-2011 DICI

Letter #79
Indeed, it seems to us that the basis for the current problem can be summed up as a loss of faith in the divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Oh! Of course many people protest that they believe that Jesus is God, but very few... 12-22-2011

The SSPX and the Doctrinal Preamble: interview of Bishop Fellay
"It is indeed a doctrinal preamble, the acceptance or rejection of which will then determine whether or not some canonical status is obtained. Doctrine is by no means being put in second place. And before committing ourselves to an eventual canonical status, we are studying this preamble minutely with the criterion of the Tradition to which we are faithfully bound..." 11-28-2011

Interview with Bishop Fellay after his meeting with Cardinal Levada
The meeting was conducted with great courtesy and with equally great candor, because for the sake of honesty the SSPX refuses to evade the problems that remain... 9-14-2011

Bishop Fellay interviewed in Gabon
Bishop Fellay granted an interview during the 25th anniversary celebration of the SSPX's Mission in Libreville, Gabon (Africa). We reproduce here the translation of the last part of the interview... 6-9-2011

Letter #78
About the upcoming beatification of Pope John Paul II and an announcement for launching a new 12-Million Rosary Crusade... 4-15-2011

Superior General's Visit
The SSPX’s Superior General, Bishop Bernard Fellay, visited the United States of America District Headquarters at the beginning of this week...

54 Answers from Bishop Fellay
A significant interview given by Bishop Fellay to the USA District wherein he comments on the main questions concerning the Church and SSPX

Is the SSPX being muzzled?
The question was asked to Bishop Fellay during the conference he gave on the afternoon of Sunday, January 9, in Paris: “Is the Society of St. Pius X obliged to remain discreet because of the theological discussions going on? 1-14-2011

"The Treasure of the Church must once again belong to everyone!"
A commentary on Bishop Fellay's Paris Conference by Italian journalist, Francesco Colafemmina 1-14-2011

Video of Bishop Fellay's 2010 Angelus Press Conference Presented in 7 parts, this interesting and informative conference was given on October 15-17. Learn about the causes and results of the Church crisis, the SSPX’s work to transmit the priesthood, and the current atmosphere in Rome towards Catholic Tradition. 12-9-2010

The Society of St. Pius X is part of the Church Militant 11-23-2010

Letter #77
Forty years ago, on November 1, 1970, Bishop François Charriere, bishop of Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg, signed the decree founding the Priestly Society of St. Pius X... 12-5-2010  en espanol >

Interview with Bishop Fellay
"We are at a pivotal point for the future reconstruction..."
read more at dici > 10-16-2010

Letter #76
The Progressives' recent attacks against the Church
5-7-2010 DICI

El Paso Interview with Bishop Fellay
Serialization of an interview of Bishop Fellay. Covers such topics as the Rosary Crusade, USA District, crisis in the Church, and more

Interview with Bishop Fellay on the Rosary Crusade
3-8-2010 DICI

Letter #75, October 2009
Encouraging results and the importance of the ongoing Rosary Crusade

Video interview with Bishop Fellay
Given on April 5, 2009 at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary

Letter #74, April 2009
Another Rosary Crusade from May 1, 2009 - March 25, 2010 for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as requested at by Our Lady at Fatima

Bishop Fellay's press release on withdrawal of excommunications
The excommunication of the bishops consecrated by Archbishop Lefebvre, on June 30, 1988... and which we had always contested, has been withdrawn by another decree...

Bishop Fellay on the withdrawal of the 1988 excommunications
Thanks to this gesture, Catholics attached to Tradition throughout the world will no longer be unjustly stigmatized and condemned for having kept the Faith of their fathers. Catholic Tradition is no longer excommunicated...

Bishop Fellay's Lourdes sermon
Given on October 26, 2008, wherein Bishop Fellay announces a new rosary crusade for the retraction of the excommunication of Catholic Tradition DICI

Letter #73
The background to Cardinal Castrillion's ultimatum, the motu proprio, another million rosaries crusade for the removal of Tradition's excommunication 10-2008
Letter #72
The motu proprio is not enough. The fundamental principle that dictates the action of traditional Catholics is the safeguard of the faith 4-2008

Letter #71
Effects of the  motu proprio and announcement of perpetual Rosary Crusade for retraction of 1988 "excommunications" 11-2007

Letter #70
The pending motu proprio on the Mass and Catholic Tradition 2-2007

Bishop Fellay's letter regarding the motu proprio
Explains importance of document that finally liberalized Roman Mass

Letter #69
The Forgotten Man of Vatican II: the Priest 6-2006

Declaration of 2006 (Third) General Chapter

2006 (Third) General Election results

Message from Bishop Fellay announcing the Rosary Crusade

Letter #68, September 05
The Centenary of the Birth of Archbishop Lefebvre

Interview with Bishop Fellay concerning his August 2005 meeting with Pope Benedict XVI
Given by DICI on September 17, 2005. Includes the press release given on the day of the audience

SSPX press communiqué on the election of Pope Benedict XVI

SSPX press communiqué on the death of Pope John Paul II

Letter #67, January 05
The eyes of Faith and Bishop Fellay's letter to Cardinal Hoyos

What Catholics Need to Know: the Conference
Conference by Bishop Fellay regarding the SSPX, Catholic Tradition and Rome, and insights into the issues of true obedience and ecumenism 11-2004

From Ecumenism to Silent Apostasy
On January 6, 2004, Bishop Fellay alerted the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church via a letter and study about the disastrous effects of ecumenism effected through Vatican II and the New Mass...

The Problem of the Liturgical Reform: the book sent to the pope
This book contains "The Mass of Vatican II and of Paul VI; A Theological and Liturgical Study by the SSPX" and Bishop Fellay's address when he presented a copy to Pope John Paul II

Statement on Dominus Jesus
this document reminds us forcefully and re-imposes numerous points of traditional Catholic doctrine on the subject. At the same time, these truths of Faith are strongly moderated by other propositions that have Vatican II as their only source...

Problems, Causes, Remedies
A comprehensive conference on the post-conciliar crisis...
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