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Fr. Bouchacourt's communiqué concerning
Bishop Williamson's visit to Brazil

Fr. Christian Bouchacourt


The SSPX's District Superior of South America published this communiqué on September 6, 2012 concerning a confirmation visit Bishop Richard Williamson made to the Benedictine monastery of Holy Cross in Nova Friburgo in the province of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at the invitation of the prior, Fr. Tomas de Aquino.

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Fraternidad Sacerdotal San Pio X
Distrito America del Sur
El Superior
+Martinez [Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina]

September 6, 2012

At the invitation of Dom Tomas de Aquino, prior of the Monastery of the Holy Cross of Nova Friburgo [located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Ed.], Bishop Williamson came to confer the sacrament of confirmation and give some lectures.

I would like to clarify that this trip was organized completely independent of the SSPX. Indeed, according to the directives left by our founder Archbishop Lefebvre, only the Superior General, Bishop Fellay in this case, issues mandates to the auxiliary bishops to undertake a pastoral visit. This procedure has not been respected, which is a serious act against the virtue of obedience, but also an attack upon the most elementary demands of courtesy. In addition, the District Superior's agreement was not requested as required by the statutes of our Society. The harmonious collaboration that existed between the SSPX and the Monastery of the Holy Cross has been broken by this act of great gravity, so the organizers must take responsibility before God. Indeed, many faithful were deceived and attended the announced ceremonies and conferences believing that they had been organized by the SSPX.

After reading the article of Fr. Tomas de Aquino, "Honor and Glory to Bishop Williamson", I firmly denounce the indirect accusations which were made suggesting that the SSPX would agree with Modernism and cease fighting in defense of Catholic Tradition.

Such insinuations are gratuitous, false, hurtful and injurious to our Superior General and to the members of the SSPX. I cannot withstand them and remain silent. If Bishop Fellay rejected the outstretched hand of Rome on June 13, it was for doctrinal reasons. And it is because we reject the Modernist-influenced Vatican II which is the main cause of the ruin of the Church today and we want to continue saying this, it is also because we reject the Novus Ordo Missae that departs from Catholic doctrine both "entirely and specifically", that no practical agreement has been signed with Rome. This was the position of Archbishop Lefebvre yesterday and this is the position of Bishop Fellay today. The General Chapter last July confirmed this [position – Ed.]. Any other assertion is nothing more than a manipulation or lie. Any prophecy of a future practical agreement reveals an unhealthy imagination.

In early December, Bishop de Galarreta will come to visit and confer the sacrament of Confirmation in Brazil and other countries in our district as our Superior General planned for many months.

I invite the faithful of Catholic Tradition in Brazil not to pay attention to rumors, to continue to support their priests with their sacrifices, prayers, and generosity, and to beg God to send numerous and ardent vocations to defend and extend the reign of Christ the King under the noble banner of Catholic Tradition and the protection of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. God bless you!

Fr. Christian Bouchacourt
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