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Spiritual Retreats
given at the SSPX's retreat centers

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The 5-Day Ignatian Retreat

The standard method used in the retreats given by the SSPX is the “Ignatian method,” also known as the “Spiritual Exercises”.

St. Ignatius of Loyola received these Spiritual Exercises directly from the hand of Our Blessed Mother in 1533. In their complete form, these salutary exercises are preached over a 30-day period, but these have been condensed into a short 5-day period in the SSPX’s retreat centers.

St. Ignatius of Loyola; bronze by Francesco Bertos, 1722
St. Ignatius of Loyola

During these few “Days of Grace,” each retreatant exercises his intellect, memory and will, by meditating upon their purpose and goal of life (which is to glorify God and save their soul), and upon the mysteries of the life, death and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

While practicing these exercises, the retreatant will quickly be convinced that he must first conquer himself so that Christ may live in him, according to the words of St. Paul: “With Christ I am nailed to the Cross and I live, now not I, but Christ liveth in me” (Gal. 2 19-20).

An Ignatian Retreat consists of a series of spiritual conferences, structured meditations and an opportunity to make a general confession. Silence is kept throughout the retreat, though the retreatants have the opportunity to speak with a priest for spiritual advice.

So effective are retreats for the development and enrichment of the spiritual life, that it is strongly recommended that Catholics attend a retreat at least once a year.

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Why attend a retreat? Some answers to consider...

You have converted recently, and you thirst to learn more about the Catholic Faith that is now at the center of your life.

You want to learn how to live as a good Christian in this corrupted world. Attend a 5-day Ignatian retreat: there you will get the straight answers you seek.

You’re burdened with sin and don’t know how to deal with it. There is an answer for you: the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. There, you will find the strength and weapons for victory.

You’ve been a Catholic a long time, even your whole life. Now you feel that your practice of religion is becoming routine. At times, you even have doubts about the Catholic Faith or Tradition. You really need to straighten out your life before it’s too late: so attend a retreat soon!

You’re about to make important decisions that will affect your career, the future of your family, or the education of your children… A retreat will give you the best opportunity to make the right decision, putting everything in the right place. Take time to think about such decisions during a good retreat!

You want to become more fervent and improve your spiritual life: you need the Spiritual Exercises. It is a proven method, approved by the Church and recommended by many saints.

“But, I have no time!” Actually this isn’t true: if you really want to come, you will find the time. This is a very serious matter: the eternal salvation of your soul. If you review your schedule, you will find a 5-day timeframe that can work for you.

“But, I am not very educated!” That doesn’t matter: like the preaching of Our Lord, the Ignatian Exercises can be grasped by all men.

“Others may need a retreat, but I don’t.” Are you so sure you will become a saint? Retreatants have frequently told us afterwards that they had no idea how much they needed their retreat.

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St. Ignatius Retreat House
Ridgefield, CT

St. Aloysius Gonzaga Retreat Center
Los Gatos, CA

Our Lady of Sorrows Retreat House
Phoenix, AZ

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Men's Marian     Dec 9-14
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Men's Specialty Retreats Third Order
July 1-5
Dec 12-15 (weekend)

Men's Virtues
April 24-27

Women's Specialty Retreats   Nov 21–23, 2013



Oct 23-26

Educational   June 10-15
Teacher Retreat
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Specialty Retreats
  Nov 4-9 (TOSF)

Dec 2-7 (TOSF)

Third Order
Nov 11-16


St. Ignatius Retreat House
Ridgefield, CT
  Our Lady of Sorrows Retreat House
Phoenix, AZ

Retreat centers contact info

St. Ignatius Retreat House
209 Tackora Trail
Ridgefield, CT 06877
203-431-0201 tel
203-431-0202 fax

Our Lady of Sorrows Retreat Center
750 E. Baseline Road
Phoenix, AZ 85042
602-268-7673 tel
602-276-9609 fax

St. Aloysius Gonzaga Retreat Center
19101 Bear Creek Road
Los Gatos, CA 95033
408-354-7703 tel
408-354-7369 fax

Excerpt from Pope Pius XI's apostolic letter, Meditantibus Nobis
given on December 3, 1922 the Retreat of Manresa, St. Ignatius learned from the Mother of God herself how he should fight the combats of Our Lord.  It was as from her hands that he received this code so perfect, and in all truth we can so call it, of which every soldier of Jesus Christ ought to make use.

We are speaking of the Spiritual Exercises, which according to tradition, were given from Heaven to St. Ignatius.

Not that we should not esteem other spiritual exercises, but that in those organized according to the Ignatian method, everything is disposed with such wisdom, everything is so well coordinated that, if man does not oppose Divine Grace, they renew him completely and render him fully submitted to Divine Authority. © 2013                    home                    contact