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Blessing of new bells in Gabon

Libreville, Gabon (Africa)

We present here some extracts from the letter of the superior of the SSPX's mission in Gabon, Africa and a gallery of images showing the casting of the bells, their decoration for the rite of consecration and their erection into the mission's bell tower.

Photos courtesy of Fr. Loic Duverger.

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

Benedicamus Domino, Deo Gratias! Bless the Lord, thank God! Finally our St. Pius X Mission of Gabon, has the joy of seeing the installation of its three beautiful steeple bells. On Saturday, May 25th, Bishop Tissier de Mallerais blessed our three bells after which to the delight of many of a long wish come true, were then installed in the tower. At the event also was our District Superior, Fr. Loic Duverger and beloved Fr. Patrick Groche. On Sunday, May 26 (the feast of the Holy Trinity), the bells of St. Pius [Mission] rang for the first time. The Gabonese television network happily broadcasted the joy of the ceremony on Gabonís airwaves...

We present here the three bells of the St. Pius Mission:

First bell; St. Marcel I: Why [Pope] St. Marcel I? To show our gratitude to our revered founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who not only gave 13 years of his priestly life in Gabon, but also for his special protection on our beloved Gabon mission... for all the benefits he gave to the Church (the Mass of All Time, the SSPX, Catholic bishops and priests, etc..).

On the bellís back (side 2), we have the episcopal coat of arms of our founder Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, followed by the reverent text, "I am merely a Catholic bishop who transmits what he received - quod Tradidi and accepi, June 30, 1988". The bell sounds on the note of "LA" and weighs 450 kg!

Second bell; St. Nicolas of Flue: Why? This is the secondary patron of our mission, so revered by our faithful, and a model for our gentlemen of Gabon. This is also a nod to our friends from Switzerland wherein is our Econe: a lighthouse of Catholic Tradition! It sounds at "Si3" and weighs 330 kg!

On side 2: "My Lord and my God, remove from me everything that hinders me from going to you.
My Lord and my God, give me everything that draws me to you
My Lord and my God, take me from myself and give myself entirely to you

Third bell; St. Teresa: This is the patroness of the foreign missions, one of the greatest saints of modern times... which has a particular focus for our mission. It sounds a "C #" and weighs 225 kg.

On side 1: the image of St. Therese of Lisieux, followed by the text "I'm not dying, I am in life - I spend my heaven doing good on earth - St. Teresa, pray for us."

The life of our mission now beats to the rhythm of the bells: what joy!

St. Pius Mission's 3 new bells, ready to sound the call of the faithful to Mass

Long life and spiritual efficacy from St. Marcel!

Long life and spiritual efficacy from St. Nicolas of Flue!

Long life and spiritual efficacy from St. Therese of the Child Jesus!

Fr. Prudent Balou,
Superior of the Gabon Mission of St. Pius X

St. Pius X Mission in Gabon, Africa

Blessing during the bell casting by Fr. Loic Duverger (in surplice),
District Superior of Africa in the presence of the Fr. Groche (with camera), founder of the Mission of St. Pius X in Gabon

The bronze bells were cast by the family business of Mr. Paccard
(Foundry PACCARD), heir to a family tradition of seven generations!

Mr. Paccard, with its beautiful African shirt, standing (left) alongside religious

Some of the bells' "sponsors": General Odounga Pierre and Helene Faubert for St. Marcel, Mr. & Mrs. Helen Mouckaga Ekomie for St. Nicolas of Flue and Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Bibang Minko for St. Therese

The bishop clothes the bells with their "christening gowns" made by the sisters

Daniel Bibang, father of Fr. Medard Bibang (SSPX) and Mrs. Minko, mother of Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart (Sisters of Rafflay) on each side of the "Little Flower"

Bishop Tissier de Mallerais is
assisted by Frs. Duverger and Groche, at the start
of the ceremony

Anointing the bells
with sacred chrism

The washing of hands

Incensing the bells

The bishop rings each
bell three times

Here Mrs. Faubert, who knew Archbishop Lefebvre in Dakar,
is seen ringing St Marcel I.

The "Little Flower" rises in the air, first to be raised into the steeple of St. Pius Mission: the first shall be last and the last first!

Br. Bernard next to the clock,
with Bertrand...

...while Mr. Paccard makes some
final preparations in the steeple

Immediately after their consecration, the bells were
transferred to the tower under the vigilant stare of all

A view of the many faithful on Saturday morning attending the Low Mass
of Bishop Tissier de Mallerais. During the Mass, the bishop explained the significance of the ceremony for consecrating a bell.

Samuel installs the
electric bell ringer

Eric prepares the reception
food in the kitchen

The community surrounding the new mission's bells; from left to right:
Sr. Gabriela, Sr. Maria de los Milagros, Fr. Louis Peron, Fr. Martin Huber,
Fr. Loic Duverger, Bishop Tissier de Mallerais, Fr. Patrick Groche,
Fr. Luc Rantoandro Fr. Prudent Balou, Sr. Mary John Bosco,
and Sr. Maria Caecilia.

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