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The Interreligious Day of Prayer in Assisi on January 24, 2002

An extract from Bishop Fellay’s 2002 Press Release on Assisi II


It has been stated that to avoid any syncretism, those attending will not be praying “together”, but that each religion will pray in separate rooms in the Franciscan convent at Assisi. Cardinal Kasper went so far
and rightly soto affirm that “Christians cannot pray with members of other religions.” (Osservatore Romano, January 5, 2002). However, this affirmation is not enough to dissipate the dreadful uneasiness and confusion caused by the event; it cannot be denied that all kinds of religions will be praying “each in their own camp” to obtain from these prayers said at the same time, but in different locations, the same result: peace.

Bishop Fellay

The fact that all have been invited to pray, at the same time and in the same town, for the same intention is clear proof of the desire for unity. On the other hand, the fact that the prayers will be offered in separate locations betrays the contradictory and impossible nature of the project. In reality, the distinction is false, even though, thanks be to God, it avoids a direct communicatio in sacris. However, the syncretic nature of the operation is obvious to all. Recourse to deceitful words has made it possible to deny the painfully obvious reality. But words do not mean anything any more: we will be going to Assisi, not to pray together, we are going there together to pray… no syncretism, etc.

The establishment of civil (political) peace between nations by congresses, discussions, diplomacy, with the intervention of influential persons of different nations and religions, is one thing. It is another to claim to obtain the gift of peace from God by the prayer of all (false) religions. Such an initiative is completely inconsistent with the Catholic faith and goes against the first commandment. (…)

It is in keeping with the Masonic plot to establish a grand temple of universal brotherhood above all religions and beliefs, “Unity in diversity” a concept so dear to the New Age and to globalization.

We were excommunicated by Clement XI in 1738 because of our interdenominational principles. But the Church was definitely in error, if it is true that, on 27th October 1986, the present Pope gathered together men of all religious confessions in Assisi to pray for peace. What else are our brothers looking for when they gather together in temples, than love between men, tolerance, solidarity, defense of the dignity of the human-being, considering themselves equal, above political and religious beliefs and the color of their skin? (Grand Master Armando Corona, of the Grand Lodge of the Spring Equinox, Hiram - voice of the Grand Orient of Italy - April 1987)

One thing is certain: there is no better way to provoke the anger of God.

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