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Assisi 1986–2011: reform in continuity
Cardinal Etchegaray: “Assisi made an extraordinary leap in the dialogue among religions, still in its infancy and unceasingly deepening”...

Renewing the Assisi Scandal
What is going to happen this October 27, 2011? A simple friendly encounter among men and women of good will? ...discourse on the divinity of Christ and of His Church? No - the renewal by [Pope] Benedict XVI, of the unprecedented scandal perpetrated by his predecessor, John Paul II [in] 1986... 9-13-2011

The Assisi meeting, seen from Mecca
Why is it impossible to plan an Assisi-style interreligious meeting in Mecca? A short expose that points out the obvious: ecumenism is a one-way street
2-9-2011 DICI

An extract from Bishop Fellay’s 2002 Press Release on Assisi II
It has been stated that to avoid any syncretism, those attending will not be praying “together”, but that each religion will pray in separate rooms in the Franciscan convent at Assisi...  2-4-2011

Is St. Peter's on the way to Assisi?
SSPX commentary on the FSSP's strange concepts about Catholic obedience concerning the Assisi ecumenical meeting...

We will not pray together in Assisi
A commentary by Fr. Lorans

Italian Catholic Intellectuals Beg Benedict XVI To “Flee the Spirit of Assisi”
A group of Italian journalists and academics have publicly asked Pope Benedict XVI to refrain from the Assisi meeting

What Should We Make of Assisi I & II?
Explains dangerous theological mentalities of Assisi I (held 1986) and its devastating consequences. Also applicable to Assisi II (2002). Includes further related materials

The basics
about ecumenism

What is Ecumenism?
A Catholic FAQ

Mortalium Animos
Pope Pius XI's 1928 encyclical against false ecumenism VATICAN

Lamentabili Sane: St. Pius X's Syllabus of Errors

Mirari Vos: Pope Gregory XVI condemns Liberalism and Religious Indifferentism

Why is Ecumenism wrong?
Video extract from Bishop Fellay's 2010 Kansas City conference

Bishop Fellay speaks out against ecumenism to the cardinals

January 6, 2004
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the pontificate of Pope John Paul II, Bishop Fellay addressed the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church in a letter about the disastrous effects of ecumenism effected through Vatican II and the Novus Ordo Missae. Included with the letter was the document "From Ecumenism to Silent Apostasy".

February 2, 2004
Bishop Fellay gave a interview to DICI regarding the release of the document "From Ecumenism to Silent Apostasy".

DICI'S interview with Bishop Fellay about his January 6, 2004 letter to the Cardinals

Letter to the Cardinals From Ecumenism to Silent Apostasy

Bishop Fellay's first comments on Assisi III
Extracted from a sermon given in Paris on January 9: "In theory they know, in theory they believe. But in reality, do they believe? Do they really believe that Our Lord is God? Do they really believe that peace among men, among nations, is in His hand? Do they really believe in all the immediate, direct consequences of His divinity?..." 1-10-2011

Background to Assisi III
Includes preliminary Vatican news release and comments from Archbishop Lefebvre on Assisi I in 1986

Press Release on Assisi II
On January 24th, 2002 another inter-religious prayer meeting was convened at Assisi by Pope John Paul II. Bishop Fellay's comments on this tragic event

April 2002 District Superior's Letter
Assisi II, Syncretism, the new Ten Commandments and the New World Religion

March 2002 District Superior's Letter
Assisi II and Secular Humanism

1986 Declaration against Assisi I made by Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop de Castro Mayer
For us, remaining indefectibly attached to the Catholic and Roman Church of all times, we are obliged to take note that this Modernist and liberal religion of modern and conciliar Rome is always distancing itself...

Archbishop Lefebvre's 1986 Letter to 8 cardinals regarding the Assisi Affair
"Eminence, for the honor of the one true God and of our Lord Jesus Christ, make a public protest, come to the help of the still faithful bishops, priests and Catholics..."

A Letter to Pope John Paul II from Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop de Castro Mayer
The famous 1985 joint-letter that summarized the condition of the Church, how false ecumenism is contrary to her teaching, and thereby causing a crisis

Archbishop Lefebvre's Statement against False Ecumenism
Originally written in 1983, it was not made public until the 1988 Episcopal Consecrations

Background to Assisi III

VATICAN CITY, JAN 1, 2011 (VIS) Following this morning's Mass celebrated in the Vatican Basilica, the Pope appeared at the window of his study to address faithful gathered below in St. Peter's Square for the first Angelus of 2011.

The Holy Father remarked how "on this day the Church invokes the gift of peace from God through Jesus Christ. It is the World Day of Peace, an appropriate occasion to reflect together on the great challenges our age places before humankind."

Pope Benedict XVI delivering a speech

After praying the Angelus, the Pope recalled that his message for the World Day of Peace had highlighted how "the great religions can represent an important factor for the unity and peace of the human family. In this context", he said:

I also noted that the year 2011 will mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the World Day of Prayer for Peace which the Venerable John Paul II called in Assisi, Italy, in 1986. For this reason, in the coming month of October, I will make a pilgrimage to the town of St. Francis, inviting my Christian brethren of different confessions, leaders of the world's religious traditions and, in their hearts, all men and women of good will, to join me on this journey in order to commemorate that important historical gesture of my predecessor, and solemnly to renew the commitment of believers of all religions to live their religious faith as a service to the cause of peace. Those who are journeying towards God cannot fail to transmit peace; those who build peace cannot fail to move towards God. I invite you, even now, to support this initiative with your prayers.

ANG/VIS 20110103 (460)

Archbishop Lefebvre comments about Assisi I

During the closing ceremony for the Week of Christian Unity on January 25, 1986, John Paul II announced "a special prayer meeting for peace in the town of Assisi," "with representatives not only from the various Christian churches and communions but also from the other religions across the world".

Assisi I in 1986

When it was announced, Archbishop Lefebvre reminded the seminarians of Econe of the famous "motley congress" of religions held in Chicago in 1895 which Leo XIII had condemned. The same thing was going to be seen again but this time organized by the Pope. Archbishop Lefebvre said:

It is demonic. It is an insult to our Lord Jesus Christ. Who will they pray to? What god will they pray to for peace? What peace can they ask for if they are not praying to the only true God? They will not be praying to our Lord Jesus Christ. The Jews do not want him, the Muslims and Buddhists do not want Him neither. Lots of Protestants do not believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ. What god will they pray to? God was made flesh and came and lived amongst us to save us. We have no right to pray to anyone else. If we put Jesus Christ aside, we are not praying to the true God. It is an indescribably impious act against our Lord Jesus Christ. (Spiritual Conferences, 117B, Jan. 28)

On August 27, 1986, Archbishop Lefebvre wrote to eight cardinals in view of the Assisi meeting. He asked of them to protest against the actions of John Paul II, in particular "the planned procession of religions in the street of the town of St. Francis":


He who now sits upon the Throne of Peter mocks publicly the first article of the Creed and the first Commandment of the Decalogue. The scandal given to Catholic souls cannot be measured. The Church is shaken to its very foundations.

On October 28, 1986 Assisi meeting took place and on December 2, Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop de Castro Mayer publicly protested:

Public sin against the unicity of God, the Word Incarnate, and His Church makes one shudder with horror: John Paul has encouraged false religions to pray to their false gods: it is an unprecedented and immeasurable scandal, inconceivably impious and intolerable humiliation to those who remain Catholic, loyally professing the same Faith for twenty centuries. (Fideliter, #55; declaration signed in Buenos Aires)

Assisi II; 2002

Why is Ecumenism Wrong?
An extract of Bishop Fellay's October 2010 conference in Kansas City, MO

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