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Bishop de Galarreta's June 29th Ordination Sermon


An extract from Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta's sermon given during the priestly ordinations at the International Seminary of St. Pius X in Econe, Switzerland on June 29, 2011

Archbishop Lefebvre used to say to us, "They Have Dethroned Him" [see his book, They Have Uncrowned Him]. Yes, they systematically disregarded the primacy and the royalty of Our Lord, His rights, the rights of God. They are for human rights. The denial of the rights of God with the declaration of the rights of man. They dethroned Our Lord in Himself, in His rights by freedom of conscience, by freedom of thought, by the freedom to sin, by freedom of worship, by religious freedom. He has truly been dethroned. But they also dethroned Our Lord in His Church through ecumenism, for if Christ is king, the Church is the queen. And they dethroned Our Lord in His Vicar and in His bishops by collegiality and by the demolition, ultimately, of all authority.

They Have Uncrowned Him; Archbishop Lefebvre

I Accuse the Council; Archbishop Lefebvre

This is the thinking with which the Council attempted conciliation [see his book, I Accuse the Council!]. And then, of course, now there is the conciliation of the conciliation, which is to say the hermeneutic of continuity. And there are even some who are like us or who were of us and are no longer of us, who are attempting the conciliation of the conciliation of the conciliation. It is wasted effort; the enterprise is doomed to failure in advance: bonum ex integra causa, malum ex quocumque defectu. The good proceeds from a totally good and just cause; evil proceeds from any defect whatsoever in the cause.

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Ordinations at Econe: June 29, 2011

Ordinations at Econe: June 29, 2011
On a sweltering summerís morning, twelve days after the ordinations at Winona, Econe too was ready for its own ordinations...
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