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or how to spoil one's studies


Fr. Christopher Legrier  |  donate to Gabon priory >

Courtesy of the Le Saint Pie, the newsletter of the SSPX's priory in Gabon, Africa, we offer this insightful commentary about the ill-effects of television upon the developmental and study habits of children. 

She is everywhere: in every home; in every city; in villages out in the farthest reaches of the bush; in every room; in every restaurant; in every pub. She is never silent, she speaks without ceasing; she cuts off your words and doesn't listen to you; she pretends that she is always right. She wants the whole world silent at her feet, to admire her, to understand her, to listen to her, to look at her. But for who does she take herself?

Very many scientific studies have shown that it would be well if television (for it is that of which I speak) were not promoted so much and seen so much. For, without you realizing it, she kills you, pure and simple, something that is not particularly good. Generally speaking, criminals are in prison. But curiously enough, television still runs about: she is free, very free, too free. Being invited into every household, she ravages and kills with all impunity.

Do you want some examples of her preferred crimes?

Her most frequent crime: scholastic failure. Television increases the risk of scholastic failure for children. Studies have shown that, effectively, "one hour of daily television among primary school students increased the chance of leaving school without a diploma by 43%", explains the review of a book by Michel Desmurget.[1]

How does Lady Television go about performing her crime? She kills the cerebral mechanism "which makes attention and concentration possible." He who habitually watches television is no longer able to concentrate. He is always distracted, always wandering; he is no longer able to focus his attention on anything. In such conditions, the poor child cannot concentrate in class. He dreams, he thinks about something else, he retains nothing, he takes poor notes, he despairs and gives up working, and so comes scholastic failure.

Another favorite crime of television is the total destruction of creativity. Some people are capable of inventing many good things: making a beautiful drawing, coming up with a game, constructing various objects... it is a great skill. It is thanks to such creative people that progress is made!

Unfortunately, Lady Television doesn't like people who have too many ideas, and so she kills their creativity. Two Germans, Peter Winterstein and Robert Jungwirth, performed a study of several five-year old children, split into two groups. The first group comprised children who did little television watching; the second group was made up of children who watched television on regular basis. Each child had to draw a person of their choice.

The result was impressive: those who watched little television were able to accomplish very good drawings for their age. But the others... judge for yourselves in comparing the drawings.

Lastly, a third crime of television is to make people aggressive. "The average television viewer sees around 2600 crimes per year and 13000 acts of violence per year" reads the review cited above. This is the way it works: from seeing crimes, murders, blows and wounds, a man becomes used to violence and becomes violent himself.

Parents moan at the scholastic failure of their children; educators lament the lack of creativity among children; society complains about the increase of violence. What's to be done? A judicial hearing of Lady Television. Bring her into your living room, in the presence of the whole family. Reproach her for all of her crimes and condemn her to death; to a death by stoning, by way of example... why not? Then and only then can you hope to have profound and lasting peace in your homes.


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