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Catholic FAQs

These are selected questions from the Questions & Answers section of The Angelus magazine, published by Angelus Press.

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 Canonical / Disciplinary
  • Anathemas of Council of Trent

  • Cardinal Ratzinger's overturning of excommunication decree

  • Contact with apostates: permitted?

  • Disciplinary laws: Are they infallible?

  • Dispensation of religious in a modernist community

  • Freemasonry & the Church

  • Saturday Vigil instead of Sunday

  • SSPX & jurisdiction

  • SSPX & the Ordinary Magisterium

  • Masses of Thuc-line priests

  • Pro multis issue:  the change of "for many" to "for all" in the New Mass, is it lawful?

  • Quo Primum & infallibility

  • English hymns during Mass

  • Filioque removal in Eastern Rites

  • Months of the liturgical year

  • National flag in sanctuary

  • Quo Primum & St. Joseph in the Canon

  • Suppression  of octaves & vigils in 1955

  • Sacred vessels & linens

  • Women in the choir; parts I & II

  • "Cadaveric" transplantation

  • Cloned babies for experiments

  • Donating organs

  • Ectopic pregnancy

  • Hydration / Nutrition withdrawal

  • Nurses & birth control medications

  • Sterilization

  • Vaccines made from aborted fetuses

  • Vatican's statement on vaccines made from aborted fetuses

  • Bankruptcy

  • Giving money to beggars

  • Planning retirement

  • Pocket money for children

  • "Productive" vs. "non-productive" loans

  • Sinful to be rich?

  • Usury: Is it a sin?

  • Is smoking marijuana or doing drugs a sin?

  • Buying or selling on Sunday

  • Cremation

  • Drinking soft drinks a sin?

  • Drunkenness

  • Folk guitar music for income

  • Hunger Strikes: are they permissible?

  • Just war (with Iraq)

  • Living with boyfriend (treatment of daughter)

  • Natural Family Planning

  • Nuclear weapons: can their use be justified?

  • Planning for retirement

  • Refusal of marriage debt

  • Sending children to a Protestant school

  • Slavery and the American Civil War

  • Standard of dress for men

  • Studying on Sunday

  • Teaching in public school

  • Canon 844 re: Holy Communion

  • Celiac disease and the Host

  • Confession once a year

  • Confession: mentioning membership in Third Order, etc.

  • Consecration of Blessed Sacrament by a heretic

  • Gaining indulgences

  • Intention and validity of sacraments

  • Lay Baptism

  • Limiting number of children before marriage

  • Marriage of a fallen-away Catholic

  • Mass: Hearing more than one at a time

  • Protestant baptisms: valid?

  • Refusal of Holy Communion: criteria necessary

  • Visiting a Catholic cemetery: its benefits

  • Adam & Eve:  Original Sin and Sanctifying Grace

  • Apologetic for a "born-again"

  • Baptism by a heretic

  • "Blessed are the poor in spirit" Matt 5:3 explained

  • Brother of Jesus?

  • BVM divine?

  • Canonization Process

  • Charity: does it exist in the after life?

  • Collegiality

  • Consecration at the New Mass

  • Ecumenism

  • Existence of Hell

  • Father & Holy Ghost suffer Passion with Jesus?

  • Free Will & Prayer Requests Fulfilled

  • Genesis 3:15 (different translations of) ?

  • Isaiah 45, 7 explained

  • Liberalism

  • Limbo and unbaptized babies

  • Mary, the Mother of God

  • Papal teachings vs. infallibility

  • Parents duty to teach catechism

  • Protestant baptism

  • Pope & Oath of fidelity to tradition

  • Pope John XIII & the beatific vision

  • Quo Primum & representation of the Catholic Faith

  • Salvation of unrepented apostate

  • Sedevacantists

  • Suffering souls in Purgatory: can they pray for us?

  • Universal salvation

  • Adoration of Wood of Cross, but not of Mary

  • Alcoholics Anonymous & traditional Catholics

  • Concerts in church

  • Conciliar Church (is there now a)

  • Conditional Confirmation and Baptism & SSPX

  • Confession to a Novus Ordo priest

  • Children praying (the teaching of)

  • Diocesan annulment tribunals & SSPX

  • Fatima consecration of Russia:  Has it been accomplished?

  • Feministic movement

  • Lack of unity in Catholic Tradition

  • Leonine Prayers for Conversion of Russia

  • Novus Ordo Missae: Is it valid, it it a sacrilege, can I attend it if nothing else is available?

  • Post-Conciliar Church: A New Religion?

  • SSPX & Nocturnal Adoration in the home

  • SSPX priests not assigned to country that speaks their language

  • SSPX: "We are not the Church"

  • St. Michael the Archangel prayer

  • Submission of wives to husbands & modern society

  • Tithing: must we give 10%?

  • TV in home: is it a sin?

  • Women Doctors of the Church

  • Vocations in Catholic Tradition: why so few? 2013                    home                    contact