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Apologetic materials
for Catholic Tradition

From books to flyers, the USA District Office offers various apologetic items that explain Catholic Tradition and the SSPX.

New to Tradition Kit: available at a special price from Angelus Press >

Our NTT kit makes an excellent introduction to Catholic Tradition and the SSPX.

Comes with the following flyers:

  • Who are we? What are we doing?
    Briefly covers the SSPX and its purpose
  • The SSPX and Tradition: What makes our fight unique?
Click to obtain New to Tradition kit for a special price!
  • Why the Latin Mass; Why not the New?
    Outlines reasons why Catholics cannot in conscience attend the Novus Ordo Missae
  • Is the SSPX Schismatic? Excommunicated? Rome Says NO!  See what Rome and other canonical authorities have said about these important issues
  • Where is Obedience Today?
    Explains true obedience versus disobedience

And these books:

  • Most Asked Questions about the SSPX
    The printed version of the SSPX FAQs section and its appendixes featured on our website
  • Open Letter to Confused Catholics
    Written by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre  in 1986 (and still true today), for all to understand the nature of the crisis in the Church which has caused confusion among Catholics
  • Is Tradition Excommunicated?
    A collection of independent studies by various authorities on canon law compiled because of the alleged "excommunications" leveled against Catholic Tradition after the 1988 Episcopal Consecrations were performed by Archbishop Lefebvre
  • For the Visitor at Mass
    A pictorial explanation of the traditional Roman Mass
  • Timebombs of the Second Vatican Council
    A brief, but concise explanation of the latent problems in the council's documents

For more materials on Catholic Tradition and the SSPX,
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