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Against the sound bites
Articles that refute modern errors and reinforce Catholic principles

Not 100% sure of the Catholic position on a particular item? Not sure how to refute various modern errors and "sound-bites" that are bandied about? Don't know where to find the necessary facts and pertinent quotes? This section of our website was created specifically for such needs!

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Catholic Principles for Voting

Catholic Principles for Voting
Is it morally obligatory to vote?

Can a Catholic vote for a candidate who condones initiatives not in accord with the moral law?  9-28-2012
Multiculturalism: "Diversity" for the Culturally Clueless
Dr. Peter Chojnowski examines the anti-Western culture campaign, its roots, errors and the Catholic solution against this anti-Catholic revolution
“Our First, Most Cherished Liberty”: a problematic document
Certainly we must fight for the liberty of the Catholic Church, but this is a much different thing then defending religious liberty, a false notion... 4-13-2012


Natural science
USA District press release about geocentrism
A recent news report implied that the SSPX promotes the scientific theory of geocentrism as a Catholic teaching based upon the Bible. The SSPX holds no such position
Galileo: Victim or Villain?
A comprehensive article by Jason Winschel on the ecclesiastical trials of Galileo regarding his stance on heliocentrism...

The Devolution of Evolution
Dr. Terry Jackson demonstrates how the theory of evolution is atheistic and has not been proven as fact

Dignity of life (medical issues)

Brain Death and Organ Harvesting

Brain Death and Organ Harvesting

In light of the commentaries concerning Pope Benedict XVI's withdrawal of his consent to act as an organ donor, we think it appropriate to present this brief expose by Fr. Peter Scott on this important moral question which is often confusing for Catholics... 3-15-2011

To Live and Let Die: Some Questions on the Moral Limits of Medical Treatment
An excellent article by Fr. Iscara on the pertinent modern question of euthanasia and extraordinary medical treatment

The Catholic View of Life; Kevorkian, the Jack of Death
A brief essay of Catholicism versus Kevorikian

Burial or Cremation?
An article by Fr. du Chatelet that succinctly covers the Church's view of this modern "fad"

Natural Family Planning (NFP)

Rhythm: the Unhappy Compromise
Written in 1948 for Integrity magazine, Fr. Hugh Calkins discusses the problems of NFP, then known as the "Rhythm"

Marital Love and Fidelity
Translated from the January 1988 French edition of Courrier de Rome, this article takes a somber look at the dangers NFP poses for Catholic marriages

Light of the World... a follow up (official Vatican clarification)
The Note from the Generalate of the Society of St. Pius X dated November 26 hoped that the pope’s remarks would be clarified and corrected. It is done... 

Morning-after pill is an abortifacient
...the Pontifical Academy for Life feels the pressing duty and definite need to offer some clarifications and considerations on the subject, reaffirming moreover already well-known ethical positions supported by precise scientific data and reinforced by Catholic doctrine.... 2-22-2013

The Immorality of Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Another comprehensive article by Fr. Iscara on one of the most burning contemporary medical issues

Promotheus' Gift
Fr. Iscara explores in-depth the morality of genetic engineering [pdf 260 kb]

Religious and Moral Aspects of Pain Prevention in Medical Practice
This 1957 address by Pope Pius XII covers the important modern question of the use of pain killers for those on their death bed.

Capital Punishment: A Catholic Perspective
Originally published in The Angelus in April 1983, this article explores the philosophical reasons why the Church has always sanctioned capital punishment

Life: the Ensoulment of Matter
Dr. Chjonowski briefly covers philosophically what life really is, as opposed to the liberal conception

Defense of the Inquisition
A defense of a much misunderstood chapter of history in the Catholic Church

Just war / pacifism
Just War: Catholic Doctrine and Some Modern Problems
An excellent article on this current key topic

Might is not Right: Why "Preventive War" is Immoral
Another excellent article by Fr. Iscara pertaining to the question of "just war"

Humanistic Pacificism
Another insightful article by Fr. Juan Iscara (author of the article, "Just War") on the important topic of the Church's authentic view on war and peace

Christendom and Revolution
Fr. Juan Iscara explains the role of revolution in the destruction of Christendom © 2013                    home                    contact