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Question 2
Who is Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre?
A brief history: 1905 - 1991

November 29, 1905

Birth of Marcel Lefebvre into a good Catholic family (five of the eight children would become priests or nuns).

September 21, 1929

Marcel Lefebvre is ordained a priest.

1932 - 1946

Having become a Holy Ghost Father, he becomes a missionary in Gabon, Africa.

Archbishop Lefebvre in his office at the Econe seminary
Archbishop Lefebvre in his office at the Econe seminary

Archbishop Lefebvre as Apostolic Delegate for French-speaking Africa
Archbishop Lefebvre as Apostolic Delegate
for French-speaking Africa

September 18, 1947

He is consecrated a bishop and appointed Apostolic Vicar of Dakar, Senegal.

1948 - 1959

Bishop Lefebvre is Pope Pius XII’s Apostolic Delegate for 18 African countries.

September 14, 1955

He becomes the first Archbishop of Dakar.


His Excellency returns to France to be the Bishop of Tulle.

1962 - 1968

Archbishop Lefebvre is elected and acts as Superior General of the Holy Ghost Fathers.


...until resigning before the changes his congregation would force him to implement, and going into “retirement.”

Archbishop Lefebvre as SSPX Superior General
Archbishop Lefebvre
as SSPX Superior General


The Archbishop founds the Priestly Society of St. Pius X.

1970 - 1982

He acts as its first Superior General.

1970 - 1988

Until, in view of his imminent death, he consecrates successors, Archbishop Lefebvre does all he can to be faithful to the grace of his episcopacy, traveling the world to encourage Catholics to hold fast to the faith and traditions of their fathers, confirming their young and ordaining for them

March 25, 1991

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre passes before his Eternal Judge.

A testimony of his character

Concerning the Archbishop personally, a journalist asked recently what was my outstanding memory of the man. I gave maybe a surprising answer: his objectivity.

He had, of course, a uniquely attractive personality because he was a saint - gentle, kind, simple, humble, humorous, and so on, without a trace of sentimentality, but that was not the point. Underneath all that lay a great intelligence and faith and firmness of character, but that was still not the point. 

Essentially he was a man empty of self and full of God. To meet him, to talk to him, was to see - through him - the truth, Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church.

He was like a window on the interest of God. Not he, but Christ, lived within him, and yet that was Marcel Lefebvre and nobody else. And what a marvelous man he was! (Bishop Richard Williamson, The Angelus, May-June 1991, p. 2.)

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A Bishop Speaks;
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Spiritual Journey;
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The Horn of the Unicorn;
Dr. David Allen White

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Long Island Conference
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The role of the Priestly SSPX in the heart of the Church
Given in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1981 by Archbishop Lefebvre, this conference covers the SSPX's place in the Church to form priests and also in combating Modernism. He also speaks about the efforts of both the traditionalists and liberals during the Second Vatican Council

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1974 Declaration of Archbishop Lefebvre

Sermon for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception given by Archbishop Lefebvre in 1972 at Econe, Switzerland
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