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District Superior's
Letter to Friends & Benefactors

May-June 2012

Fr. Arnaud Rostand recently gave an interview to The Remnant [via its editor, Michael J. Matt], the whole text of which is available here. We here provide some selections and encourage you to read it in its entirety online.

MJM: Ever since his election, Pope Benedict has made no secret of the high priority he personally places on healing the SSPX “schism.” What seem to remain uncertain, however, are his motives. Is it possible to ascertain the difference between the Holy Father’s genuine desires to heal this rift for political reasons vs. an actual papal recognition (no matter how limited) of the legitimacy of the doctrinal objections raised by the SSPX?

FR: The reason why the Pope wants to resolve this situation is difficult to know. On the one hand, there seems to be a desire on his part to avoid a so-called “schism.” On the other hand, he is aware of the dramatic situation of the Church, which readers of your newspaper know all too well: open heresies professed by churchmen, sometimes touching the divinity of our Lord Himself, not to mention open rebellion, loss of faith, and disciplinary problems, whether in Austria, America, or Ireland… The Holy Father, I think, sees that the SSPX could be of some assistance in helping fight these real and all-too-prevalent problems.

Further, however, there is a mystery which I think is linked to the mystery of the Church which is at the same time human - that is made of men with their weaknesses and sins - but also divine; that is to say that Our Lord Jesus Christ still leads and works actively through and with men.

There are obviously human reasons for what is happening today in the Church and it is important to try to understand what the “political” reasons are for the different moves. A supernatural view of things, however, is much more enlightening.

MJM: Archbishop Lefebvre justified his decision to consecrate bishops against the will of the Holy Father in 1988 by citing a provision in the Code of Canon Law for extraordinary measures during a “state of emergency” in the Church. If rapprochement between the SSPX and the Vatican were now possible, would that mean that the Archbishop was overzealous in 1988, or has the “state of emergency” simply ceased to exist?

FR: No, the state of necessity in the Church does not depend on the Society of St. Pius X, regularized or not. It can only be an objective situation of the Church. Today, this state of necessity still exists, as unfortunately too often priests and faithful cannot receive in a normal way the true teaching of the Catholic Faith or receive the sacraments in a safe way. You have priests and even bishops who profess open heresies, or accept and celebrate scandalous ceremonies…

The state of necessity will only cease when there will be objective reasons to entrust our souls to the clergy and hierarchy of the Church without any prudential protection.

MJM: I believe all sincere traditional Catholics long for the day when unity will be re-established in the Church and the SSPX can at long last shake off the unjust stigma of “schism.” Regardless of what happens in the days and months ahead between Rome and the SSPX, what can we laymen do to help promote unity within all the various camps of Tradition in a world at war with Christ and His Church?

FR: Pray. Pray a lot. The work that every Catholic can do is to pray for the Pope, for the Church, for His Excellency Bishop Fellay, and the Society of St. Pius X. There is nothing more urgent to do. Never before have there been so many prayers, especially in the form of the Rosary Crusades; it is very encouraging. How could God abandon us?

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