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District Superior's
Letter to Friends & Benefactors

December 2009

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

The season of Advent is a time during which we prepare ourselves for the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Through our prayers and sacrifices we open our hearts and our souls to receive Our Savior, and to let His many graces reach us.

The modern world in which we live will not truly celebrate Christmas. The world refuses the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We see Christmas trees, Santa Clause, all the folklore about Christmas — but the true celebration of the birth of Our Savior will scarcely be mentioned. The celebration of Christmas as a Catholic feast, or even as a “Christian” feast, is not acceptable to the world. You have all noticed, for example, that people no longer say, at least in public, “Merry Christmas,” but rather, “Happy holidays!” All expressions with any sort of religious connotation are taboo, as they are too much a reminder that there is no true Christmas without Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Contrary to the spirit of the world, we as Catholics will proclaim the rights of Our Lord Jesus Christ, true God and true Man. And there are three rights of God that must never be forgotten, of which we are reminded in the first three Commandments:

“I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have strange gods before me.”

God has the right to command us to adore Him, to recognize Him as the true God, to humble ourselves as poor creatures and to admit that He is our Creator. God has the right to ask us to love Him above all else. God has the right to demand that all men worship Him, the one true and living God. God has the right to forbid us false worship, false gods, false religions. “It is written, the Lord thy God shalt thou worship, and Him only shalt thou serve” (Matt. 4, 10).  And therefore, Our Lord Jesus Christ, being true God and the second Person of the Holy Trinity, has all of these same rights. “At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bend, of those in heaven, on earth and under the earth” (Phil. 2, 10).

“Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.”

God has the right to require that we respect His name: “God is not mocked” (Gal. 6, 7). He has the right to punish us for any blasphemies against Him, His Mother, the Church or any holy things. Our Lord Jesus Christ has, of course, the same rights for His Holy Name.

“Remember thou keep holy the Sabbath Day.”

God has the right to command us to worship Him in a special manner; on specific days, Sundays and other days of obligation.

These are the first rights of God. How are they respected in our days?  Christmas is a reminder of these rights of Our Lord Jesus Christ over every creature, every man, and that is why the world wants to remove all religious aspects of this “holiday.” We, for our part, will prepare ourselves during the time of Advent to receive worthily Our Savior. There is no Christmas without Our Lord Jesus Christ, true Man and true God.

With my prayers and blessing.

In the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

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